Enter Ye Olde Keyboard…..

Life causes some of us to take minor sabbaticals from these word thingies…. I have tons of things that I think about and want to comment about, either via long diatribe, or via quippy snippet but am so easily distracted with other things that life throws my way, but, I am certain NO ONE else ever deals with that. I am a bitcher and complainer of life. I observe what ought to be done by ALL of mankind in order to make a more fluid addition to life, yet am unheard due to the massive amounts of ‘fill-in-the-blank’ material stuck within the mass populace. Rhyme, reason, and rationale are the pitfalls of the foolish few.  The mind is mightier when allied with similar intent found in external forces, thus making any argument seem plausible and cogent. An audience needn’t be large to cheer the wrong ideals. The ideal merely just needs to be repeated mindlessly to as many lemmings as possible for greatest chance of perpetuity. Sadly, the lemming population doesn’t meander itself into extinction by each cliff dive convention. The nascence of lemming-dom is controlled, but not restricted, by the propensity to propagate their species. I wish it was as simple as me stating, ‘I support eugenics!’ in this post, but I couldn’t possibly even trust the scientists with their own potions to weed out the bad. Inevitably, avarice, nepotism, and seeking notoriety would eek its way back into existence. Mankind is vile, we all have our own issues. Until we learn to identify what they are, then plot a course to overcome our own egos, and stay true to progress, mankind will never overcome its hyperwillingness to adhere to a scorched earth process of ‘getting what I want, when I want, for whatever reason I want, regardless the cost.’ With respect to religion, sadly, I have seen it used as a crutch in sociological experiments that infer (at least on the christian side) ‘one must give of themselves to the children (meaning ANY human) as Jesus would,’ which is a complete crock of B$. Religion is corrupt and as morally bankrupt as politics. Spirituality also has its own whitewashed exterior to those that are unable to discern.


Life is difficult! DUH! Those that try to cover it up with lies and fail to acknowledge reality are dense. Those that make life difficult for others, are dense. Those that cluelessly make life better or worse because of a selfish motivation to find pleasure in making people happy or sad, are utterly dense. Mankind needs a facelift. Not the kind of facelift that makes us prettier, but one that shows us what we really are. One that would awaken us and see that we DON’T have to be so animalistic. Altrusim is a fleeting philosophical theory. As with all theories, they are ALL meant to be broken. Altruism is no exception. Giving to mankind because it gave to us, would be nifty, but the likelihood of that happening is slim to nil. This blog post is the essence of cynical nihilism. AND NO, it is in no way, shape, or form a ringing endorsement to wreak havoc, bloodshed, or annihilation upon fellow (wo)man. it’s merely a string of useless syntax that will go over too many peoples heads, including my own…..



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