Insolvent aptitude

A vortex of feelings overcome one’s ideals when trying to determine the path of natural resistance, oft enough. Some people adore challenges, they thrive from them, while others devolve faster than a lead sinker in the early morning rain. Life IS challenging. I am not sure why most people seek the path of least resistance, why coddling is the action of the day, or why shirking one’s responsibilities is accepted nature of mankind, in general, at least here in the USA and bordering countries. I find that divorce rates, people quitting jobs, and rampant whinges of allodynia from a hurt ego, tend to break down our ability to think rationally, take credit for that which contributed to our pain, and learn from the problem. While I may be painting with broad strokes, the truth sits right in the darkest cavern or recess of our minds to overcome our problems. Self-discovery on our own, is the only way to reveal the necessary truth of what plagues us in our existential query. I challenge anyone who reads this to not quibble the determining factors that lead to the demise of something that once seemed promising, but merely reflect as to how you may have contributed to its spiral downwards. This exercise may possibly net some positive results for your future, but only if you feel compelled to progress….



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