Today is… today

Well, here it is, yet another trite reminder that today still exists! How the triviality of yesterday has escaped me, oh wait, it hasn’t. Losing sleep due to a worrisome greeting in the middle of the night, is my consequence. Yes worrying has detrimental consequences, as does failing to recognize the symptoms. Life will continue to pass me and you by, but, we inevitably have a sullen choice to speed up, or wallow in our depression of things not accomplished….

As a chapter in my life begins to shutter itself, I am left with the daunting choices to maintain my particular outlook on life, demanding my high standards be met, or do I give-in to the ideals that just going with the flow is going to be a more viable option? I am not that easy going. I see through problems, sometimes I see into them, pitfalls and all and warn like Jeremiah, of the Old Testament, where my words befall the deaf. I still see value in that lifestyle choice, because of its comfort. Being willy-nilly and seeking adulation by how laid back I can be seems so foreign. I am not sure if I would be open-minded enough to chill the hell out. Determination is what I recognize in myself, perseverance is what others recognize in me. The challenge continues…. Today is… essentially a rerun of a forlorn time, is a twist about to manifest itself?


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