Dunno what’s gonna come out, but whatever it is, will be offensive to druids and extended family…..

… breaking out into the wonderful world of decadent decor, it should be noted, I don’t know a thing about it. So I personally hope for your sakes, you were not thinking of discussing with me at length how I might propose one would accomplish such a task, because, first of all, I just don’t care enough, second of all, I am in a completely different industry. Why you might believe I am the champion of provocations leading to successful choices in your personal life, is beyond me, but spare no effort in recalibrating your bearings near me.

So, when I saw the movie about those smurfs, I didn’t really find myself very interested in it, but it might have been the fact that I never saw the movie or had any inclination to traipse into that theater for that superb set of visual synapses.

If you were to ask me what my favorite candy was, I would narrow it down to — I like heath/skor english toffee which leads me to my favorite ice cream — which is sorta spendy, unless you get it on sale — ben and jerry’s – coffee heath bar crunch. Do you see something else I might like in that last sentence? My goodness you are much too perceptive for me — I ought to slow down on the personal info flow, I might seem too transparent if this keeps up….


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