Fluffy bunnies

There once was a bunny. S/he was very fluffy when born. The cutest, fluffiest, and blinding whitest fur ever seen before! This bunny was a social butterfly. The androgynous bunny’s name was kris, because all androgynous creatures of the forest had poly anthropomorphic animalities and characteristics. Life in the forest was rough for poor kris, because their family didn’t have access to any sort of welfare system. Kris was a fighter and used his back legs to get him to various places of interest. A teetotaler was kris and all of the bunny’s buddies. One day kris met an amazing comparable androgynous poly anthropomorphic creature that piqued some interest!

Sadly, I must report that due to kris’ life seeming to move at a swimming pace, destiny took a left turn at precisely the place where google maps distinctly said go right! Kris is no more and there isn’t any legacy for us to qualify!

Ps: I decidedly killed off your ability to use your imagination to fill in the story with some sort of goofy romantic notions….


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