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Rarely does a day go by that I fail to think. Think about anything, think about nothing, think about something. Thinking, sadly, is mandatory for me. How I got this far without learning to release my mind, I will never know. I keep thinking to myself when I am riding my motorcycle, not only am I thinking about staying alive, who is planning on cutting me off, why did that one car just swerve, AHHHHHHH, a muffler in the road, dinner sucked last night, how the hell am I going to see with that big ass bug splatted all over my glasses? I can’t wait to listen to my new dj set when I walk with my doggie tonight, I really like that one song, man, writing that one silly blog about stupid bunnies, that was just fun.

As you can see, a mind traveling at a thousand words per minute, even in the thick of rush hour traffic isn’t a dull one. Enjoy……..


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