Chatroom Chafing…

In the wonderful world of virtual chatting with random specimens of humans, a lot of vitality is stolen away from us. The apparent lack of necessary socialization has plagued us in almost all aspects of our lives. The way we interact with our acquaintances, friends, family, and inner sanctum of those that know us the best. We all seem to have lost that midas touch to be human amongst humans AND other living things. We are nothing but specks on a radar of ridicule, get too close and the acerbic invective assaults us, unbeknownst most of the time. The eyes shift down during anything perceived as confrontation, and those brazen enough to believe their fluffing of their feathers online, in person, become the base for well rounded stories of achievement. Moral fortitude is merely a mirage. Reacting is an acceptable way to intimate feigned logic, minus the acceptance of the obvious errors. It’s incredibly simple to live as a sheep when your basic needs of — food, shelter, clothing, air, water, excretion, and reproduction are all available, for a lone wolf, it’s not quite as easy….


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