Roadrage Rationale

“Life is like a box of chocolates,” so asserted someone who wrote a hollywood script. To simpletons, sure, as long as we all avoid all the variables that affect and afflict us all. If it were only true, no matter how much exerted pressure from the side of ‘optimism’ that life could be ever so simple, no one would have any ground to oppugn its contention.

Life isn’t simple. Life has never been simple, save for the story in the bible of Adam and Eve before someone was convinced munching on the fruit of knowledge was a brilliant idea. Operating any vehicle on the roadways isn’t something to be taken lightly. Your ignorance may cause a considerable amount of mayhem in someone else’s life. Your lack of discipline may very well be the reason why someone ends up in a ditch somewhere, attempting to cut their seatbelt off so they can get to their offspring, or to run from a flame that shouldn’t even have ignited near or in the vehicle. It’s absolutely inconceivable to me that someone starts a bout of roadrage out of seemingly nothing. Everything takes a spark. Granted, there are some grumpy drivers that look for any excuse, no matter how infinitesimal, to cut someone off, but oft times, it’s due to someones carelessness or malevolence. Roadrage isn’t without its merits. Sometimes, an act of carelessness gets an instant reaction, and the careless driver realizes they did something wrong. When they respond to the issue, life can resume at its highway pace in the trailer park. When someone reacts on the roadways, chaos ensues. Bear in mind, a response to a response is natural and acceptable, a reaction to a response or a reaction to a reaction is the first sign of trouble. Things will escalate if your emotions get the better of you. Food for thought……


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